Meet Nest Hello
The Airbnb Smart Home


Get more and better reviews on your Airbnb home by keeping current with technology. Never worry about key exchanges.  Protect your guests and your property and offer amenities that are sure to delight your guests.

With the Nest Yale Lock, you can give passcodes instead of keys.  It’s easily controllable trough your Nest app.  Add to that, Google Nest Protect to help secure your home from Co2 and fire dangers.  Nest Protect with Path-Light, lights the way in times of trouble or even if you want to get a glass of milk.  It QUIETLY self-tests once per month and will even let you know when the battery is low.

With Nest secure, you can advertise that extra level of security for your guests.  It integrates with nest protect to help ensure your guests and your property stay secure and protected.  The Nest Guard keypad has a battery backup that lasts up to 12 hours and continues to monitor your Nest Detect sensors and Nest Protect Co2/Smoke alarm.   It lets you know via the Nest app if power has been disconnected and you can view if any windows or doors were left open at checkout. For folks that have restricted areas, use the Nest Detect on entry points to ensure your OFF-LIMITS terms are being met. 

Google Nest Secure can be professionally monitored through Brinks Home Security.  As of this writing, you can get a cut rate deal for a three-year contract, saving $360.  $19 per month.  When professionally monitored, a cellular backup for your nest system comes automatically so that your system can communicate, even during a power outage.  That said, you could alternately use a small BBU to power your router and modem for some 12 hours or so, for folks that want to self-monitor.

With Google Nest learning thermostat, you can control the environment after your guests leave.  It integrates with Nest Detect and can be programmed to eco mode when Nest Detect, detects that no one is home. 

Nest Detect can operate both as a window sensor and a motion sensor. It integrates with the rest of the system so that you can do things like turn on smart lighting when someone walks into a room. 

Provide your guests with dependable whole house wireless coverage with Google Wi-Fi.  It replaces your existing router and uses points to create a wireless mesh network designed to eliminate dead zones. 

Airbnb requires full disclosure of cameras on the property so I would limit those to external cameras only.  With Google Nest Hello, you can ensure your guests are adhering to your guest or pet policies if you charge extra.