Field Replaceable Units Installed on Site!

Many popular HP LaserJet, LaserJet Pro & LaserJet Enterprise models serviced!

Field diagnosis & Parts Recommendation! OEM and Aftermarket!

Onsite Repair; Business or Home Office!

  • Control boards
  • High/Low Voltage P/S
  • Maintenance Kits (Fuser, Separation/Pickup assays & Rollers)
  • Imaging & Feeder Assays
  • & MORE!
  • Ave Repair time; 2-3 hours.

Laser printers are like cars. I still use a Dell 3110cn that is 13 years old and because of proper maintenance, still runs like a champ. Your HP Laser printer is no exception. Yes, I own a Dell but work on HP’s. I’m sure there’s a “Ford / Chevy” joke in there somewhere. All jokes aside, though, all laser printers have mechanical parts that are oftentimes replaceable with Field Replaceable Units, or FRU’s. Most manufacturers, like HP, support their products for 10 years. Many print quality issues are solved replacing common parts that wear out. We’ll come into your place of business, identify the problem & make recommendations on site. We’ll email you a detailed quote, after replacement parts have been established and confirmed before we order. Parts are delivered to you, on site and we’ll schedule a time for repair. Easy Peasy!

Thank you for your business; Lake Havasu & Parker AZ!