Google Nest Secure Starter Pack, White. Tag in & tag out – Low Cost Monitoring from Brinks – Integrated for $479



Google Nest Secure

Google Nest Security System Starter Pack-White.  Includes keypad controller with optional voice assistant.   2 Nest Detects that function as both window sensors and motion detectors and 2 Nest Tag key fobs to easily tag in or out of your new security system.

  • High Quality & Fully Integrated or Self-Install
  • Self-Monitoring or Professional Monitoring through Brinks
    • Fee based subscription with 3-year Brinks contract with cellular backup. $19
    • Fee based subscription with no Brinks contract with cellular backup. $29
    • Self-Monitoring is free or subscribe to Nest Aware and include self-video monitoring starting at $5.00 per month
  • Nest Detect. Acts as window / door sensors and dual-purpose motion detector
    • Batteries last up to two years: Nest app tells you when to replace your widely available CR123 or CR123A batteries.
    • Turn on smart lights when motion is detected and more.
  • Nest Tag. Easily tag in or tag out using these convenient key fobs.
  • Nest Guard Controller. Keypad controller is fully integrable with other Nest devices.
    • Works with Nest Yale Lock to automatically disarm when passcode is entered.
    • Works with Google Home and Alexa smart speakers

Google Nest Secure is an outstanding, self install alarm system that can be installed by your Nest Pro for a fee.  Arm and Disarm using the Nest app, Nest Tag or passcode. Set a reminder on your android or iphone device to make sure your home is secure.  Google Nest Detect knows when a door or window opens or when there’s motion in a room.  A single button press on the Nest Detect to open a door without setting off the alarm when the house is armed.  The free Nest app notifies you of movement and the smart technology reduces false positives.  Starter pack includes one Nest Guard, two Nest Detect sensors and two Nest Tags.

Combine Nest Secure with other Google Nest home automation products and enjoy your new smart home.  Your Nest Pro will ensure all your devices are fully integrated with one another and work seamlessly.  Combine with Nest Yale Lock and Google Nest Protect and enjoy your safe & secure home.


1Mobile notifications and remote control require working internet and Wi-Fi, or cellular backup (if available), sold separately.
2Cellular backup may not be available in all areas.
3Pricing and availability subject to change. Does not include monitoring or agent response for Nest Protect smoke and CO alarms.


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