Nest Bundle with WiFi

Professionally Installed


Safety, Security, Comfort, Entertainment and a Reliable Connection, rolled into this package.  With Six Google Nest Protect Smart, CO and Smoke detectors, they would protect nicely a 3-4 bedroom house and 2-3 common areas.  They come with a THREE year warranty which can be extended to FIVE years when purchased and installed through your Nest Pro.  The Home Security System with 4 extra sensors can be self managed or you can subscribe to Brinks for just $19.00 per month for Nest Home Secure, Security System Users.  You’ll be able to control your comfort from virtually anywhere on your new Nest Learning Thermostat via smartphone app.  Extend the thermostats warrantee to FIVE years for professional installation and the included sensors can dial in a more accurate representation of the temperature inside your house. Additional sensors may be added for larger homes.  View who’s at your front door with Nest Hello and Nest Hub and you can even tell Google assistant to unlock your front door.  With the smart speakers you can stream your favorite music and even combine speaker sets to play on an entire level of your home.   Google WiFi brings it all together with perhaps the most user friendly integration on the market. This is an outstanding base system for which to build upon and integration with current devices will be addressed.


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